Medical Spa Consultation

Medical Spa Consultation

Are you just starting in the field of aesthetic medicine? Have you received all necessary training but is at a lost on what to do next? Do you want to start a medical spa but not quite sure how?

Expert consultation services are available from the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine for new practitioners of aesthetic medicine wishing to add aesthetic medical procedures to their current practices or to open a medical spa. Many physicians have no background in business or have never been exposed to a fee for service cosmetic practice.

The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine can make this process much easier. Our consultant can take much of the worries out of the planning process by answering many of the most commonly asked questions such as

How do I order supplies?
What equipment should I start out with?
How large should my treatment room be?
Do I really need a laser?
What consent forms do I need and what should be on it?
What should my brochures look like?
How much do I charge?
Where do I advertise and what kind of budget?
How do I start a website?
How do I advertise on the internet?
These and many other questions and issues will be answer during the consultation session. Onsite consultation or consultation at our corporate office in California can be arranged.

Consultation will include space utilization, equipment requirements, vendors sourcing, advertising, and consent forms utilization. Important consideration such as room dimensions and laser purchase will be thoroughly covered. Complete consultation fee is $5,500 US for onsite and $3,500 US at our corporate office.

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