ABAM Establishment & Faculty


The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine – ABAM is an independent specialty board. ABAM was established to provide a standardized pathway for physicians coming from a non-cosmetic background to be certified in aesthetic medicine. Physicians from a variety of medical fields are now adding aesthetic procedures to their practices, and a formal training and certification process for them is essential. Presently, the only formal training pathways for aesthetic medicine is by completing a residency in plastic surgery or dermatology which are not open to other specialties.  By providing this certification ABAM contributes to the improvement of the quality of care in the field of aesthetic medicine.

ABAM do not have any affiliation with any other organizations.  As an independent board we have our own process of certification and requirement. ABAM is not part of the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). ABAM certified physicians have demonstrated that they have proper training, clinical skills and, knowledge essential for the safe and excellent practice of aesthetic medicine.  Certification by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine also indicates that the physician has met the clinical and educational criteria to be eligible to sit for a comprehensive and rigorous written examination, and has successfully passed the examination.



Mason Dang M.D.
Aesthetic Medicine, President
California, USA

Aesthetic Medicine TrainingDr. Dang is the founder and Medical Director of Aesthetic Arts M.D. cosmetic center in San Diego, California. Dr. Dang is an expert in the field aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine. His areas of expertise include Aesthetic Laser surgery, neuromodulators, dermal-fillers and facial contouring, chemical peels, mesotherapy, and sclerotherapy. Prior to private practice Dr. Dang was the Director for Surgical Services at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan. Dr. Dang frequently lectures and teaches hands-on courses at various national and international medical conferences. He is committed to the advancement of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging medicine.

Gregory Costello M.D.
Aestethetic Medicine, Director United States Eastern Region
New Jersey, USA

Dr. Costello is the founder of Rejuveskin medical spa. His areas of expertise include neurotoxins, laser surgery, dermal Filler. and PRP. He is well respected and frequently provides aesthetic medical training for other physicians. Dr. Costello has presented at many conferences both nationally and internationally. He is currently practicing in New Jersey.

Rachel Schacht, M.D.
Tucson, Arizona

Dr. Schacht graduated from an accelerated 6-year combined degree medical program where she completed college with a BA from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA in 2 years and then went directly into medical school at Medical College of PA in Philadelphia where she graduated with an MD in 1993. She completed her dermatology residency at Cook County Hospital.  Dr. Schacht is an expert dermatologic surgeon well verse in both clinical and cosmetic skin procedures.  She is presently in private practice in Arizona.

Evan Gold D M.D.
Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery
California, USA

Dr. Gold is an expert in facial analysis and facial reconstructive surgery. He received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his oral surgery residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Dr. Gold is well published and had presented at many conferences. He is in private practice in California.

Gregory Andonian, M.D.
Aesthetic Medicine, Lead Instructor Western Region USA
Los Angeles, California

Dr.  Andonian is the founder of Andon Aesthetics. He is an expert in facial aesthetic techniques. He has extensive experience in nonsurgical image enhancement.  Dr. Andonian is well respected and is often sought after for consultation by other physicians.

Adrienne O’Connell, D.O.
Aestthetic Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Laguna Beach, California

Dr. Adrienne O’Connell is the founder, and medical director of Laguna Beach Aesthetics, Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center. She was fellowship trained at the University of Tennessee. Dr. O’Connell’s combination of technical expertise and aesthetic sensibility is evident in her procedural skills and teaching.  

Chanya Leelhasuwan M.D.
Family Practice
Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Lellhasuwan is the founder and medical director of The Better Me cosmetic center in Bangkok, Thailand. She specializes in aesthetic medicine and is an expert in cosmetic laser surgery.She is highly regarded by both her colleagues and her patients for her knowledge and experience in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Leelhasuwan is extremely passionate about teaching and is often sought for her medical opinions.

Gary Lawson M.D
Florida, USA

Dr. Lawson is board certified in anesthesiology. He is well respected for his knowledge in regional nerve block techniques. His expertise in regional anesthesia has enable many new practitioners of aesthetic medicine to acquire the ability to perform aesthetic medical procedures without pain. He completed his anesthesiology residency at University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark. Presently, Dr. Lawson is in private practice in Florida.

Helen Yeon M.D. 
Obstetric and Gynecology
Colorado, USA

Dr. Yeon is board-certified in obstetric and gynecology. Dr. Yeon’s background in surgery and woman’s health compliments her practice of aesthetic medicine. Combining her expertise from both disciplines enable Dr. Yeon to teach from a unique point of view. Dr. Yeon has presented at numerous medical meetings. She is presently in private practice in Colorado.

Abdullah A.Alyoussef, M.D.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Alyoussef received his initial medical training at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  He subsequently completed his residency in dermatology and venorology at University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie in France.  He is an expert in aesthetic medicine and surgical dermatology.  Dr. Alyyoussef has extensive knowledge in laser surgery and dermal filler.  He has published over 20 research articles nationally and internationally.  Dr. Alyoussef is presently an assistant Professor Of Dermatology at Tabuk University, College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia.

Zoe Kaufenberg, M.D.
La Jolla, California

Dr. Kaufenberg graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of medicine, she completed a residency in anesthesiology at Stanford University, one of the most prestigious programs in the nation. Her training in anesthesiology has both steadied her hand and made precise her understanding of human anatomy and physiology. She is the founder and medical director of the Perfect Face Aesthetic Medicine in California

Hajjaj S. Alhajjaj, D M.D.
Calgary, Canada

Dr. Ahajjaj is a specialist in head and neck reconstruction. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. He completed his residency at the University of Manitoba, Winipeg. Dr. Alhajjaj is is well published and has presented at many national and international conferences. He is an expert in facial aesthetic and laser surgery. Presently, he is in private practice in Calgary, Canada.

Thuong Vo M.D.
Anti-aging Medicine, Anesthesiology
California, USA

Dr. Vo is board certified in anti-aging medicine and is an expert in hormone replacement. He is also a specialist in pain medicine. He completed his residency at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Vo’s background allows for a unique approach to aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. He is presently practicing both aesthetic medicine and anesthesiology in California.

Amanda Ong M.D.
Aesthetic Medicine
Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Amanda Ong is the head of cosmetic products research and development for Bioscor International in Melbourne, Australia. She is also the CEO of Bioscor. Dr. Ong’s areas of expertise include dermal filler, hair restoration, botulinum toxin, laser & light therapy, mesotherapy, and chemical peel. She is well traveled and has extensive international medical experience. Dr. Ong is presently practicing aesthetic medicine in Melbourne, Australia.

Jaime Rosenzweig, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
Florida, USA

Dr. Rosenzweig completed her specialty training at Weill Medical College of Cornell University-New York Methodist Hospital. She is often sought after by patients for her expertise in nonsurgical facial enhancement techniques. Her expertise includes dermal filler, laser skin surgery and neurotoxin. Dr. Rosenzweig is presently practicing aesthetic medicine in Florida.

Ahmed Hachim Mhana Alkhuzai, M.D. 
Aesthetic Medicine
Baghdad, Iraq

Dr. Ahmed Alkhuzai has extensive knowledge in Aesthetic Medicine has served as a consultant for a leading aesthetic pharmaceutical provider. His areas of expertise include Filler, Botulinum Toxin, Laser/Light Therapies, and Platelet Rich Plasma.  He was previously the Manager for the Continuous Teaching Sector in the Iraqi Ministry of Health Training and Development Center.  He frequently participates in the training of new physicians in both clinical medicine and aesthetic medicine.  Dr. Ahmed is also involved in many medical and aesthetic research programs both in Iraq and internationally

Tam Nguyen M.D.
Family Practice
California, USA

Dr. Nguyen is board certified in Family Medicine. He received his medical degree from Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. As a family physician, he provides the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine with the valuable perspective of the integration of aesthetic medicine into a primary care setting. He is an expert in the cosmetic use of neurotoxin and dermal filer. Dr. Nguyen has presented at conferences throughout the US. He is in private practice in California.

Terrance Chan D.D.S
Cosmetic Dentistry
Michigan, USA

Dr. Chan has been in practice for eleven years. He is well known for his knowledge and skills in cosmetic dentistry. He received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Dr. Chan in presently a clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.

Kentaro Yamada M.D.
California, USA

Dr. Yamada is both Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Opthalmology. He is an expert in procedures of the upper face. Currently Dr. Yamada is in private practice in San Diego, California. Dr. Yamada obtained his training in opthalmology at Henry Ford, Detroit. His fellowship was completed at Texas Southwestern.

Yuet Lam. RPh.
California, USA

Professor Lam is a board licensed Clinical Pharmacist with extensive experience in pharmacology and pain management. She is presently practicing in California. She provides an invaluable source of knowledge for both physicians and pharmacists alike. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy, University of California San Diego. Her affiliations include The American Pharmaceutical Association, The American Society of Health-System Pharmacy, and The American Pain Society.